Analysizing Teachers Practices

To analyses teachers' practices, the Department of General Education's criteria of 3As can be used.

3As consist of Awareness, Attempt, and Achievement. The researcher has to consider which step teachers are (Harn-Aha, 2002: 5, 8).

Generating assertions and then the data were coded to reflect both supporting and refuting evidence of each assertion (Briscoe and Wells, 2002: 421). Discussing and modifying the assertions at meeting, reviewing, recoding, and reconstructing the assertions.

aware (absorb and appraise), attempt (implement, adjust, change, and develop), achieve (receive outcomes) (Piya-Ajariya, 2002: 18)

Aware: recognize importance of self-study and further development
Attempt: conduct classroom research for improving quality of learners
Achieve: a variety of methods for arranging teaching and learning activities and systematic solutions to students' problems (Piya-Ajariya, 2002: 19)

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