Educational Statistics In Thailand


Students in School System

Thailand has achieved considerable success in providing basic education (Years K-12) to a large percentage of its population; 90.7% of primary school-aged children and 72.1% of secondary school-aged children (Pillay, 2002:5).

A Number of Schools

There are 45,577 preschool, 33,840 primary, 10,109 lower secondary, and 2,563 upper secondary schools including both private and public schools (Pillay, 2002:5).

A Number of Teachers

There are 71,906 preschool, 254,435 primary, 39,870 lower secondary, and 85,569 upper secondary schools (Pillay, 2002:6).

Student-Teacher Ratio

The student-teacher ratio for primary schools is 20.7 and that for secondary schools is 21.6 (Pillay, 2002:6).

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