Factors Influencing Teacher Performance

There are many factors influencing Thai teacher performance

Administration and Management

Teacher performance is significantly influenced by the administration and management. In Thailand, the educational administration and management is a very top-down, authoritative model. This model fosters distrust and suspicion between teachers and the management. The school inspectors are out of touch with latest developments in teaching and learning and employ outdated criteria for evaluating teachers. Moreover, a strict and rigid management model prevents teachers from experimenting with new strategies of teaching and learning and becoming innovative practitioners (Pillay, 2002:8).

Teacher Training and Development

There is a continued neglect of teaching and development in Thailand. Moreover, Thai educators and teacher education institutions have not made enough effort to provide the necessary leadership in understanding and implementing education reform and teacher development. Furthermore, they have not routinely participated in international learning community or been involved in or become familiar with innovative research. These lead to a limitation of teacher training and development that new international literature and professional practices are inadequate (Pillay, 2002:8).

Assessing and Monitoring System

It is important to realize that the underlying philosophy behind monitoring and assessing influences teacher's performance. It should be helping teachers to improve the quality of teaching (Pillay, 2002: 42).

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