Gradually Reform Of Learning

It should be stressed that there are no shortcuts to successful attainment of higher-level learning objectives. Such success will not be achieved with relative ease through discovery learning by the students. Instead, it will require considerable instruction from the teachers, as well as thorough master of basic knowledge and skills which must be integrated and applied in the process of higher level performance. Development of basic knowledge and skills to the necessary levels of automatic and errorless performance will require a great deal of drill and practice. Thus drill and practice activities should not be slighted as low level. They appear to be just as essential to complex and creative intellectual performance as they are to the performance of a virtuoso violinist (Brophy and Good, 1986 cited by Atagi, 2002: 52).

understanding and internalizing learning reform concepts is long process that needs time and nurturing (Atagi, 2002: 64).

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