Historical Approach

The results of using historical approach to teach science are (Solomon et al., 1992: 410):

  • a better learning of the concepts of science;
  • increased interest and motivation;
  • an introduction to the philosophy of science;
  • a better attitude of the public towards science; and
  • an understanding of the social relevance of science.

In the first place, it was the unanimous view of the teachers that their pupils had learned some concepts better through studying them in the controversial situations in which they first arose (Solomon et al., 1992: 419).

Helping the pupils to focus on the reasons for accepting one theory rather than another was more effective than just teaching accepted theory (Solomon et al., 1992: 419).

Studying the history of a change in theory may make the process of conceptual change a little easier (Solomon et al., 1992: 419).

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