How Are In Service Teachers Important

Given the large number of teachers already in the service, this should be a priority group (Pillay, 2002: 50).

Teachers' capacity and skills are crtical to the reform (Atagi, 2002: 19). not specific for in-service teachers

Teachers are key players in the education reform and teacher quality is the most significant determinant of school quality (Rivkin, Hanushek, and Kain, 1998 cited by Atagi, 2002: 54).

When all is said and done, what matters most for students' learning are the commitments and capacities of their teachers (Darling-Hammond, 1997).

The importance of teachers in learning is well established and accepted (Atagi, 2002: 65).

The success of the education reform depends on teachers' understanding the theories of teaching and learning techniques for facilitating the development of higher-order thinking skills, and how to use new technologies in their classrooms (Atagi, 2002: 66).

Teachers have the greatest impact on learning in the classroom (Atagi, 2002: 69).

instead of constructing building and offices, the key to improving both national productivity and the quality of education is to give high priority to an investment in people, teacher learning, and creative innovative research (Fry, 2002: 8).

The large number of teachers already in service should be a priority group (Fry, 2002: 10).

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