Ict For Education

The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) has great potential to support the education reform. ICT can be a key to solve two major contemporary issues that face all societies, decreasing a gap in socio-economic status among population and providing lifelong learning to all (Atagi, 2002: 59).

ICT can benefit teachers and students in remote areas by increasing the quality of education and connectivity to the world despite their disadvantages (Atagi, 2002: 59).

ICT can provide teachers with training including two-way interaction and/or feedback mechanisms, while achieving economies of scales. Such training may focus on learning reform pedagogues, developing course content for ICT approaches, teaching best practices, school-based management, school reform initiative, and subject related software applications (Atagi, 2002: 60).


although policy vision, goals, and objectives for ICT use for education are generally agreed upon, the methods and details for implementation are not clear. ICT implementation planning has not progressed and insufficient financial resources have been mobilized (Atagi, 2002: 59).

Factors influencing use ICT for education

  • Accessibility and affordability of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Efficiency of network
  • Appropriate content
  • ICT literate teachers
  • Wise investment

Teachers, administrators, and facilitators should have access to information on learning reform issues. the educator (including teachers) should be updated and equipped with knowledge both international and domestic (Atagi, 2002: 67).

Fry (2002: 4) summarized several constraints related to ICT adoption from Stamper's study that:

  • lack of funding for ICT equipment and its maintenance;
  • lack of experience of many administrators and teachers in use of ICT;
  • under-utilization of existing ICT resources;
  • resources are shelters to prevent their misuse re damage.
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