Obstacles Of The Education Reform

The major obstacle to the education reform process is that the approaches for implementation have not reached a national consensus (Atagi, 2002: 36).

There is some uncertainty and confusion over policy directions affecting classroom levels. Teachers and educational administrators are uncertain about what they are expected to do and how to proceed.

Fry (2002: 7-8) indicated the major issues and challenges currently facing education and human resource development in Thailand:

  • lack of unity and coordination of diverse and fragmented educational efforts;
  • although a strong and growing consensus has emerged with changes in oganizational cultures, experimentation with local education area has focuses on structural issues and administrative coordination, rather than on any significant budget or personnel decentralization;
  • neglect of science and related R&D development;
  • persisting equity and access issues;
  • overemphasis on bricks and mortar relative to investing in people (teachers, learners, and researchers);
  • inadequate utilization of ICT for improving human resource development;
  • inadequate development of international capabilities. (lack of english and ICT skills).
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