Shortage of Science Teachers

There is a shortage of science and mathematics teachers in secondary schools (Pillay, 2002: 22).

Despite increasing demand for science, mathematics, and English, a lack of teachers who can provide quality teaching for these subjects is a serious problem (Atagi, 2002: 25).

According to a 1998 survey by the Office of the Teacher Civil Service Commission (OTCSC), approximately 30,000 additional science teachers are needed to provide a sufficient amount of education for the subject (Atagi, 2002: 25).

Subsequently, the ADB TA pointed out the shortcomings in teaching in science, mathematics, and English (Fry, 1999 cited by Atagi, 2002: 25).

The major findings were the lack of quality teachers in the subjects (science, mathematics, and English), and the lack of quality teaching materials (Atagi, 2002: 25).

In general (not specific in science), many schools in the most disadvantaged areas (the northeast of country and the region with largest population) still face teacher shortage (Fry, 2002: 8).

In general (not specific in science), as suggested by the national pilot study, every effort should be made to minimize the number of schools with inadequate teachers to cover every class (Fry, 2002: 11).

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